From the Country to the City Downsizing Project


Our client describes his experience with having to move from a 5000 sq. ft. home in the country, to a designing and decorating project of his new 1200 square foot home in the city as a ‘potential disaster, and he was pleasantly surprised to discover both projects were completed stress-free, and seamlessly. Making this type of a transition, especially for seniors, is a frightening process for some.

In this Review, he described his experience with our team:

‘Delores, Renee and their team came through for me despite tight timelines, and a large scope of work in two locations. On one hand, they had to clean out a 5000 square foot house and garage. At the same time, they helped me to move and furnish a new place. It could have been a recipe for disaster but all went well thanks to their efforts, professionalism, practicality, positive attitude and good humour. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Himal Mathew’

Once the larger family home was emptied of personal belongings and cleaned, fluffed, and organized to be sale-ready, there was still a little something missing, to be appealing online. This property needed a full Staging to bring it to the next level, and appeal to a buyer who didn’t want any heavy renovations or changes. We arranged for the final staging to prepare the property to look it’s best from the first view online.

The transition to smaller living could have been a daunting task. After moving to the city to be close to amenities, and family, we helped with the full transition. Working with treasured artwork, and furnishings we chose items that fit nicely in the new space. and purchased new foundation pieces that worked with the design. Downsizing can be a smoother, simpler process with assistance from our team!