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Estate Liquidation Services in Penticton

Our caring, experienced team will make your transition a simple one.

Estate Liquidation Services in Penticton

Our team of professional liquidators offers end-to-end estate cleanout services near you. We can handle every aspect of the entire process of helping families and trustees through the challenging period of clearing out an estate. We reduce the workload and stress, giving you the peace that you and your family need.

We aim to offer custom solutions for estate cleanout in Penticton that are crafted to your individual needs so our estate and downsizing specialists can steer you in the right direction.


estate sales process in Penticton

Our estate liquidation services in Penticton are customized to your particular challenges when planning to clear a property before listing.

Our team manages all tasks related to the home to clear content efficiently. The distribution of bequeathed items, shipping, packing, organizing items for donation and assigning items of value for sale or removal can be accomplished in 1-3 weeks on average. We work with trustees, executors, realtors, estate lawyers and families, even remotely.

End-to-end senior downsizing services in Penticton

Moving from a larger home can often become an overwhelming process for our seniors who may live alone or not have family support for downsizing. Our estate and downsizing specialists provides senior downsizing services even remotely, if the occupant has already transitioned to senior living. We can also assist with the full transition to retirement living and have the space set up for our client to begin enjoying as soon as they move in.

Downsizing auctions in Penticton

Moving to a smaller home not only makes life more manageable, but also allows you to auction off large volumes of sellable and valuable home content items.  Kelowna EstateLiquidaton prepares larger volume home content online estate auctions in Penticton and surrounding areas. 

We provide expert online auction services in Penticton including auction content organizing, full cataloging descriptions and images, and separating items into sealable lots.  

Online collectibles auctions in Penticton

Collections may be of sentimental value, yet not have a large potential to achieve a great price on the open market. For items of value and when there are larger volumes of collectibles, we provide a consultation to determine if an online collectibles auction sale will benefit our client. There may be other solutions we can suggest that might be more suitable for more simple collections of antiques and household memorabilia.